A Transitional Residential Program for Adults with Learning Differences

Education and Employment

Vocational Training and Support

Vocational training is an important part of the program at Independence Center. That’s why each young adult is assessed for his or her readiness for employment. Our job counselors assist participants with their job searches, resume writing, job orientation, training and retention, work responsibilities and job issues. Group and individual employment counseling is designed to 3assess vocational interests and skills, develop realistic employment goals and sample volunteer placement before moving on to paid employment.

Independence Center works with the California State Department of Rehabilitation and other community agencies to provide a supportive environment for each young adult to gain the skills necessary to continue their education and/or obtain employment.

Continuing Education

Independence Center works closely with local community colleges and continuing education programs. We explore educational opportunities for young adults who plan to earn a college degree or certificate. We encourage and support all forms of continuing education, whether it’s a college degree or specialized training.

life skills for young adults with learning disabilities