A Transitional Residential Program for Adults with Learning Differences

Program Phases

Residential Program

The Independence Center Residential Program provides the structure needed for those young adults making their initial transition to independent living, for those who have been in other programs but still need full support services and for those who have had difficulty living on their own.

“Hands-on” daily living skills instruction is provided in individual and group settings. Participants live in their own apartments with roommates and learn to increase their abilities to plan menus, shop and cook, do laundry, budget and manage money.

All aspects of our program are individualized to incorporate the person’s strengths and needs.

Transitional Phase

The transition phase is the next step for those who need less supervision.  Here, young adults continue to live in their apartments and work closely with Independence Center counselors to decide which parts of the program should remain mandatory and which can become optional.

Outreach Services

Outreach services are available for those who have successfully completed a residential program or who are already living on their own in the community but could still benefit from assistance from Independence Center staff on social and recreational services, vocational support, budgeting, individual and group counseling, crisis intervention and other areas, as needed. Counselors are available during day and evening hours.

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