A Transitional Residential Program for Adults with Learning Differences

EST. 1985

A Transitional Residential Program
for Adults with Learning Differences


“If we spend our whole lives in the nest and never spread our wings, we’ll never know just how high we can fly. That’s why the greatest gift we can give to our young adults is a gentle nudge out of the nest and into the real world.”

– Sandy Driver-Gordon, Founding President

The Independence Center is dedicated to helping adults with Learning Differences reach their full potential.

In our independent-style living environment, young adults from around the country and the globe live with roommates in individual apartments that are spread throughout a large, modern, gated complex in the heart of West Los Angeles. This “mainstreamed” setting provides an ideal opportunity for these individuals to learn life skills in a true residential program that is both structured and supervised. Program highlights include training in independent living, social and vocational skills, counseling and more.

With more than 30 years experience teaching independent living skills, Independence Center takes pride in being the first residential program on the West Coast for this population and a nationally recognized leader in the field. One way that our program is different from the others: We never turn away anyone due to lack of funds, and financial aid is available.