‘Hands-on’ Is the Best Way to Learn

All skills are taught in the apartments, as the young adults need to learn by doing. These experiences are beneficial and replace the classroom learning of previous school years.

Supportive Group Settings

Learning to be independent is best ‘taught’ by living away from home, in a group setting where the young adults gain the benefit of the peer group.

The Family Context

Each adult is viewed as part of his or her family system, and this is reflected in the family-oriented support services at the Center.

The Independence Center is Dedicated to Helping Adults With Learning Differences Reach Their Full Potential

In our independent-style living environment, adults from around the country live with roommates in individual apartments that are spread throughout a large, modern, gated complex in the heart of West Los Angeles. This “mainstreamed” setting provides an ideal opportunity for these individuals to learn life skills in a true residential program that is both structured and supervised.

Our Program

Our independent living style environment provides an ideal opportunity for adults, whose social maturity is not commensurate with the rest of their development, to experience independent living while they go to work or continue their education.

Independence Center strives to provide a stable environment for our residents.

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Group Activities

Activities are in individual and group settings and include everything from shopping, laundry, and exercise groups to communication and job search assistance.

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Years Experience

Established by Sandy Gordon and a group of parents looking for a program to help their young adults transition from their homes into the real world.

With more than 30 years experience, Independence Center strives to provide a stable environment for our residents.

The Program meets the needs of adults with learning differences who complete high school and need training for independent living while they work or continue their education.
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