Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will it take for my son/daughter to adjust to living at Independence Center? How long will it take us? 

The usual period of adjustment for young adults who first move into Independence Center is three to six months. Parents are often surprised to find they, too, have an adjustment period once their son/daughter leaves the home. The time of adjustment for parents varies.

2. How often should I visit and call my son/daughter?

Frequent visits to the apartment by parents or by the young adult to the family home often interferes with the initial adjustment. You should plan to speak by phone once or twice a week. Visits should be planned in advance, with no more than twice a month.

3. If my son/daughter calls with a problem or asks for money, what should I do?

It is important that you listen with empathy and then direct your son/daughter to discuss the problem with staff. In that way, you enable us to teach problem-solving skills. Remember to have your son/daughter bring up the issue to staff so that they do not rely on your problem-solving skills.

Since each young adult is following a budget plan, check with staff before agreeing to send extra money.

4. How can I be assured that my young adult is eating well?

All meals are planned with staff a week in advance and are in accordance with the latest nutritional guidelines for healthy eating. Feel free to check with your young adult and with staff if you have questions about food. You want to communicate that you believe in your young adult’s capabilities. Resist the urge to check up on them!

5. Will we be able to spend time together?

Please discuss your plans with staff in advance. Independence Center operates all year, even on holidays. Vacations should also be planned in advance so as not to interfere with your son/daughter’s employment or education.

6. What does my son/daughter need to be able to do to successfully complete the program?

The goals for each young adult may vary, but each needs to demonstrate the ability to live independently.

7. What is the typical length of stay?

Our minimum length of stay is one year. Most residents require more than one year to complete the program.

8. What’s the cost?

This information is available on request.

9. What about safety? How safe is Independence Center?

Independence Center is located in a gated apartment community; a guard is on duty; a house parent lives on the premises; there’s an onsite office in the building, and staff are immediately available.

10. Is there transportation nearby?

The apartment complex is located within a block of three major bus lines.

11. Do clients have to share bedrooms?

Yes, learning to share a bedroom with a roommate is an important life skill.